At Beststoreguide, we’ve tested everything from home security cameras to running shoes to meal delivery services.

Rigorous-yet-practical testing in real-world settings allows us to confidently recommend products we know you’ll love. We provide accurate information because we test these products in the same ways you’d use them in your own home.

We don’t claim to be scientists, just regular people who want to know if a vacuum will pick up dog hair, and if a toaster oven will crisp bread to perfection.

Our team of testers include cyclists, homeowners, gamers, pet owners, and more. Regardless of their expertise, they all have one thing in common: They’re curious about how stuff works. Not only will they test products in normal situations, but they will try to take them to their limits. Like what happens if we open 15 tabs on a laptop and then try to stream a movie? Or can CBD dog treats help the most anxious and/or hyper pups get through stressful situations?

When we test products like bike helmets we often consult other users to get a full picture of how the product performs on a variety of shapes and sizes.
We try to test every claim that the manufacturer makes about a product. That means we’re often running hours worth of tests on each product.
We often test products you can only buy online to inform consumers on what to expect before they make a purchase.
We prioritize testing products that are popular and that simplify people’s lives. We use consumer research and expert advice to help us select which products to test. So far we’ve tested products ranging from mattresses and memory foam pillows to percussion guns and at-home exercise equipment. When we review a product, we’re testing to see if the product performs as the manufacturer claims in real-world settings. We often bring products home to see if a vacuum can hold its own against our pets or if a new food processor can make our favorite falafel recipe. If you’d like to get updates on what we’re testing you can sign up for our newsletter.

We’re committed to independent testing, which means we never accept free products in exchange for positive reviews.

Once we identify a product we want to test, we either purchase it ourselves or request a review unit from the manufacturer. While we occasionally test units we’ve received for free from manufacturers, we only publish reviews on products that pass our tests. Once we finish testing a product, we do our best to donate it to a nonprofit. In the past, we’ve donated toys and household appliances, including pressure cookers and Instant Pots.

Our testing process typically takes two to four weeks, but when we’re testing products like mattresses we prefer to test them for months or even years.
Many of our testers are super users who bring years worth of product knowledge to each review.